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Our programs

Never underestimate the power in you to make an impact.

We believe graduate programs should allow you to explore your interests.

Our programs expose you to a wide variety of business areas, skills, teams and challenges, helping you understand where your strengths lie. You’ll be given challenging and career-building opportunities, and responsibilities that no other program provides so early in a graduate’s career. We want you to be more than just a technically excellent lawyer. We want you to be make an impact.

Kick start your career

Clerkship program

Ready to practise law in the real world? We pride ourselves on giving clerks real work with real clients, so you can start your career with confidence.

Be part of our clerkship program where you’ll undertake exhilarating real-world legal work for clients. Clients who trust us to help them solve their most complex problems, in the most innovative and efficient way. You’ll be guided every step of the way by our industry-leading and commercially driven lawyers and partners. But your career is about more than just a job. We’ll also give you opportunities to grow personally – as well as professionally. And we’ll guide you every step of the way.

In our program, you will:

  • get a taste of life at MinterEllison
  • be taught all the practical tools you’ll need to succeed through our orientation program
  • experience roles in our different lines of business, helping you decide which area is right for you
  • be mentored by a partner, supervisor, and buddy.

There are summer and winter programs available nationally of varying durations.

Accelerate your career

Graduate program

You’ve started your career and now it’s time to thrive. We have a program designed just for that. And it’s award-winning.

Our graduates quickly gain legal and business expertise by working alongside high-performing partners, lawyers and professionals in a collaborative and innovative environment. You will have the opportunity to rotate through different practice areas. And be part of inspiring and challenging transactional, advisory and litigation work.

We’ll give you real responsibility and autonomy. And we’ll be by your side supporting you as you take those responsibilities on. We will set you up with a mentoring partner for each rotation, a supervisor to guide your day-to-day work, and a buddy to help you settle in and navigate your different practice group experiences and offer program support and direction.

We are your partners in success. Every day, we will help you bring your best self to work, navigate challenges, and ensure that at the end of the program you are best positioned for the next step you want to take.

Our award-winning development program includes:

  • our extensive orientation program, which builds on your experience as a clerk and imparts our firm strategy, culture and legal insights
  • an on-site MinterEllison Practical Legal Training program in partnership with The College of Law
  • ongoing legal and business skills workshops
  • a unique, strengths-based approach to performance and development
  • modules on health and wellbeing (which we believe are the cornerstones of sustained high performance)
  • ongoing learning and networking events run by our Junior Professionals Committee
  • our My Support team program, which includes an allocated buddy, supervisor and mentor
  • a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator workshop to better understand your working style and how to work best with others
  • admission support – and celebrations!


Legal Operations graduate program

The world is being disrupted and market demands are changing. The next generation of graduates will transform the future of legal services – we want you to help us!

As a firm that genuinely embraces change, we are delighted to announce Australia's first alternate legal operations graduate program – Revolution.
Joining this program, you will lead change and disruption. We will equip you to change the future of legal practice, to question the status quo, to bring the knowledge from your Law Degree together with your alternate degree to revolutionise the profession.

As a Legal Operations Graduate, you will work under the guidance of our broader Legal Operations team and will spend time embedded in our centre of excellence teams where they will hone your skills in legal project management, process analysis, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. You will then work directly with our legal teams to help deliver innovative and effective outcomes for MinterEllison clients.

Joining Legal Operations you will be joining an Award Winning team that's led:

  • Savings to our lawyers of over 30,000 hours of task-work per annum;
  • MinterEllison being named in the Top 10 Most Innovative Law Firms 2019; and
  • Developing digital tools recognised in the Financial Times Innovation in the Business of Law Technology awards.

We'll give you real responsibility and autonomy, but with guidance, mentoring and support to forge a new career path in the legal world. Use your law degree for something different, join a structured Graduate Program in our Legal Operations team and grow your career alongside other Graduates and Leaders.

To discover more, read about our Legal Operations group in a recent publication or check out more about MinterEllison on our LinkedIn page.

MinterEllison virtual internship

We have partnered with InsideSherpa to provide an interactive virtual internship that gives you a true-to-life experience of commercial work at a top-tier law firm. In this innovative online program, participants will be briefed on work by partners and lawyers, then submit legal tasks. Once complete, they’ll unlock real work samples that reveal how a MinterEllison lawyer completed the same tasks.


Make an impact

We’re not looking for people to fit a certain mould. Your academic results are just one part of who you are. Work experience, extracurricular activities, sporting participation, music and travel are all important criteria to us. At MinterEllison, we want you to bring your whole self to work – because it is your unique strengths, experiences and perspectives that build our teams up to be the successes they are.

An outstanding applicant will know their application inside and out. They will be confident in their responses and be able to provide real-life examples to the questions we ask. They will have a desire to get to know the business and the people at the firm – what draws these people to MinterEllison and what do they enjoy there? They’re interested in knowing these things, so they can make the right choice for themselves.

We invite you to apply for our Clerkship and Graduate programs and we look forward to meeting you in your city.


How to apply

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Complete the online application form.

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Answer our 2 key questions.

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Complete a psychometric assessment.

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