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Our process and FAQ's

We encourage you to apply to our clerkship if you are in the penultimate or final year of your law degree.

Clerkship recruitment dates are set by each state’s law society.

Application dates for our offices are listed on the locations and dates page. We most often recruit our graduates from the clerkship program, but from time to time we do go to market for graduate roles. If you are looking specifically for a graduate role, please keep an eye on our website. Sign up to receive updates on opportunities in your city so you don’t miss your chance.

How to apply

1. Online application form Navigation Show below Hide below

Our online application form will ask you to submit your resume, a cover letter and your most recent academic results. Please address your cover letter to the person named in your state’s application process.

2. Two key questions Navigation Show below Hide below

Question 1: At MinterEllison, we understand that diverse teams perform better. Tell us three interesting things about yourself that are not on your CV.

Question 2: Describe a particular legal case or topic that sparked your interest either before or during your studies, and briefly explain why.

3. Psychometric assessment Navigation Show below Hide below

The assessments we use include timed ability components (numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning) and an untimed personality assessment. When combined, these assessments provide us with an objective indication of how people may behave and interact in a workplace setting. We expect that the aptitude assessment would take 30 minutes to complete including instructions and examples, and the personality questionnaire to take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply? Navigation Show below Hide below

  • Students in the penultimate or final year of their law degree are eligible for the Clerkship Program.
  • Students in the final year of their law degree or who have recently graduated are eligible to apply directly for graduate roles, if and when they become available.
  • We accept international students who are approved to work in Australia and have the necessary visa.

What do you look for in a cover letter? Navigation Show below Hide below

We look for an application that is tailored to MinterEllison. Highlight the research you have done and make sure you address why you want to work with us.

Can I make changes to my application once I have started it? Navigation Show below Hide below

Your application will be saved in our Careers Portal. You can continue to edit it until you hit ‘submit’. After that point, we will not accept any additional information.

Do I need to have my academic transcript certified? Navigation Show below Hide below

To complete your online application, you are welcome to submit a downloaded version from your university.

Should you be invited to interview, we do request you to bring a certified copy of your academic transcript. We unfortunately will not be able to make copies on the day of your interview so please bring a certified copy that you will be willing to leave with us.

What happens if my current semesters results haven’t been released by application close date? Navigation Show below Hide below

Please submit the most recent transcript. If you are invited to an interview, you can bring an updated copy of your results.

When will I get access to the psychometric assessment? Navigation Show below Hide below

  • You will receive an invite to complete your psychometric assessment from our provider, Saville Assessment, within two business days of submitting your online application. You have from the time you receive the assessment from Saville Assessment until two days after online applications close to complete your psychometric assessment.
  • Your online application will not be considered if you have not completed your psychometric assessment.

How can I prepare for the psychometric assessment? Navigation Show below Hide below

The best way to prepare for the psychometric assessments is to familiarise yourself with the test materials by reviewing the preparation guides. Get a good night’s sleep before the assessment. Find a quiet place with no distractions. Read each question carefully. Work as fast as you can, try not to take too much time over any one question. If you find a question too difficult or are unsure of an answer, indicate your best choice and move on quickly.


What if I have already completed a psychometric assessment? Navigation Show below Hide below

  • MinterEllison has partnered with Saville Assessment to provide our psychometric assessment. If you have applied to us before and have completed our psychometric assessment within the last 12 months, you will not have to do it again.
  • If you have completed another firm’s psychometric assessment, you will still need to complete the MinterEllison assessment.

What is the interview process? Navigation Show below Hide below

MinterEllison has a two-stage interview process. We will look to understand your behavioural competencies, technical skills and culture fit for MinterEllison. You will meet a variety of people, including partners, senior associates and members of our Talent (HR) team.


How can I prepare for my interview? Navigation Show below Hide below

The interview is where you can bring your application responses to life. Continue to do research on the firm and once you know who is interviewing you, learn about their background too. We will ask you about your experience working in a team, your interpersonal abilities and any business acumen you may have gained already. Preparation is key and remember to relax – if you have made it to the interview, you have done an amazing job already!

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