A day in the life: Saeromi Kim, Legal Operations Graduate

Saeromi studied a Bachelor of Law and International Studies at the University of Wollongong graduating in 2020, and is now a Legal Operations Analyst working closely with the Consulting Solutions line of business.

8:30 am:

Depending on public transport, I try to get to work before the 9 am start so I can grab a coffee from the office café. You almost always run into someone you know, and it's a great way to start the day.

9:30 am:

The Legal Operations Consulting Solutions team has a 15 minute scrum once a day. This lets us update each other on our individual and team projects. My Consultant and Head both live in Melbourne, so it’s nice to have that connection as well.

Saeromi Kim

9:45 am:

Since my team is in Melbourne, I try to meet as many Sydney office people in real life as possible. I'm working on a project where I try to ascertain day to day pain points from a Junior’s perspective. I take advantage of being in the office and have a meeting in real life with a Workplace lawyer with a pre-prepared survey and questions.

10:30 am:

I'm a member of the Josef Product Team, and we meet up with the Josef Customer Success Manager and COO monthly. We're planning a Bot Week at our firm to teach our employees about automation and introduce them to the world of chat-bot building. We discuss metrics and initiatives to make sure the week is a success.

11:30 am:

My extra-curricular activities at the firm include membership in the Sydney Juniors Professionals Committee. We meet fortnightly to discuss what we can action on behalf of all juniors at the firm. With my data and analytics experience and training, I've volunteered to collate data on a pulse survey to see how Juniors are feeling and what they want out of 2022.

12:30 pm:

Lunch! I take this time to catch up with my Legal Operations Team in Sydney. My colleagues talk about their kids and I talk about my dog!

1:30 pm:

I get started on some client-facing work that needs a specific report every Quarter. It needs some advanced Excel skills which I am building up to. I meet with my Consultant who helps me organise my formulas and tables into the correct format.

2:30 pm:

We have a meeting with a legal team to determine how we can innovatively report on recent legislative/regulatory changes to a national client. This involves both lawyers and the legal technology consultants, and our role in the meeting is to extract relevant criteria and project plan our solution.

3:30 pm:

The Legal Project Management Lead and I have a meeting to discuss a demo of a budget tracker next week. As I helped make it, he'd like me to take the lead in demonstrating the capabilities to the team.

4:00 pm:

At the end of each day, I assess my calendar and tasks board. This helps me manage my time effectively and ensure deadlines are met. I tidy up my inbox and finish my preparation for the meetings I'll have the next day.


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