Committed to diversity and inclusion

Lawyer Brad Woods discusses why the firm takes its commitment to diversity and inclusion seriously and his experience working here.

Why inclusion and diversity is important to MinterEllison

Diverse workplaces are good for employees, and they're good for business. When you go to work – you want to feel supported by your workplace, be engaged in your work and have meaningful relationships with your colleagues. When you do, you're happier and your mental health is better.

Similarly, businesses want dynamic and innovative workforces that understand their clients and the community (who both also happen to be diverse). Law firms in particular need to adapt and innovate in a changing market – and to be successful at this they need a range of people who think differently and bring different perspectives to the table.

My experience with inclusion at MinterEllison

MinterEllison recognises this, and I've found there's a genuine appreciation that difference makes us a better workplace, with a broader skill set.

LGBTI senior lawyers and partners are visible, and provide leadership and support. The firm also has formal commitments to diversity and inclusion outside the workplace, including our 20 year ongoing partnership with the Sydney Mardi Gras.

My involvement in PRiME

I joined the firm's PRiME Network (Pride, Respect and Inclusion at MinterEllison) as a graduate, and in 2016 became a member of the PRiME Committee.

I joined the Committee because I saw it as an opportunity to add a junior's voice to the Committee's aim to foster an inclusive and respectful working environment, build networks and relationships with clients, recruit and retain LGBTI talent and contribute to the LGBTI community though pro bono engagement.

Since joining the firm, many of my highlights have arisen from my involvement in the PRiME Network, including our firm-wide celebration of achieving marriage equality, obtaining silver status as an AWEI employer and the introduction of a transitioning policy.

Having been through the recruitment process myself, I know there's a lot of anxiety about being yourself. It's been my experience that you can bring your whole self to MinterEllison, and I hope it’s yours too. 


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